2023 Ashli Rose Wines Riesling

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A family who is passionate about bringing fine food & wine experiences together. Enjoying a peaceful and relaxed place to visit and taste excellent wines and savour fresh local produce. All while taking in the beauty of Rowella, the Tamar Valley and a little history of the local area.

2023 Ashli Rose Wines Riesling

Ashli Rose is a first-generation winemaker, second-generation grape grower. Discovering a passion for grapes and wine in 2013, Ashli went on to study a Bachelor of Viticulture & Oenology at Lincoln University in New Zealand. This Riesling is Ashli’s first wine produced at home, in Tasmania.

These Riesling vines were planted by Ashli and her family in 2021. They collected the cuttings, tilled the soil, planted each individual vine, and then nurtured them to where they are now. All the vines on the property have been lovingly maintained for more than thirty years, with everything from pruning to picking being done by hand.

This 100% Tasmanian-grown Riesling is floral and fruity, with notes of citrus and a hint of acidity on the palate.

A very big thank you to Geoff & Mark; for everything.


“Where to next? Onward, of course.” – Rod Cuthbert


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